Firefly Nights EP

"I'm dreaming of bold adventures and late firefly nights..."

My first EP, Firefly Nights is officially available to the public!!! I'm so excited to share my original music with you! You can find it HERE on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby, Shazam, and much, much more!!!

I am especially proud of this album because I have put so much hard work into it and the final product is everything I had hoped it would be. Let me provide you with the background behind each of the songs, and maybe you'll connect to them as much as I do :)

The first track is my absolute favorite and is actually the last song I wrote for the album. I started and finished writing "Daydream" two days before I took it into the studio to be recorded. I really wanted a fourth song on the EP, and I had a specific, laid back groove in mind, so I buckled down and let the music flow. The song is a sweet summer tune about dreaming of that someone special. My favorite line is "Looking out for those red sky warnings so we can dance in the rain," because it takes something that is seemingly bad, and puts a cute, romantic twist on it.

The next track was written during a time when one of my close friends was being treated very poorly by one of her friends. I was so frustrated by the situation that I zoned out during a class and vented my feelings onto a sheet of paper, writing from the perspective of my mistreated friend. Later, I showed her the lyrics and started devising a melody, when she interjected some lyrics of her own. Together, we created "One Last Time," an anthem for sassy girls everywhere who just want to be treated with respect. Thanks to Katherine Messer for co-writing with me!

The third track is actually the first song I ever wrote. There was a boy who I had a serious crush on, even though he was totally oblivious to my feelings. I desperately wanted to tell him how I felt, but I was terrified that it would ruin our strong friendship. I wrote this song over the course of about two months, gradually piecing it together as the story progressed. Eventually, I resolved to express my feelings to him, and although things didn't end up the way I'd initially hoped, they turned out alright. For all of those yearning lovers out there, don't be afraid to ask, "What About You And Me?" because you just might be pleasantly surprised.

The final track is “Rollercoaster,” and was by far the most fun for me to write. While it was not based on actual events, I still connect to it on a very personal level. Let’s face it - at some point, everyone has experienced the ups and downs and crazy turns of life that feel so much like a roller coaster ride, whether it's in a relationship, a career, or anything else. I also love writing in metaphors, so see if you can catch all of the silly roller coaster references! Also, have fun singing along to the catchy chorus of "whoa's" as you close out listening to the album!

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy "Firefly Nights," and I can't wait to share even more of my music with you!

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