It Starts With You

This is the first time I've ever released a single, and I'm so excited!!!

Check it out on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Amazon, and much more!

"It Starts With You" is a song that is near and dear to my heart. I wrote this song at a time when I was struggling with finding a sense of motivation. I had become overwhelmed with the duties that come with being a singer/songwriter and trying to make it in this crazy system called the Music Business. With everything that was weighing on me, I was starting to really drag my feet. After a bit of a slap in the face from some people who are very dear to me, I realized that I needed to kick things into gear again. My first order of business? Write a song, of course! And what better to write when you're not motivated than a motivational song?! I hope you can find a little inspiration in "It Starts With You" to get out there and show the world your talents and worth!

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