Lean on Me

"Just call on me, brother, when you need a hand. We all need somebody to lean on."

This summer, I had the pleasure of serving on my church's worship team. One experience in particular really stood out to me - I was very surprised to get an email from our worship leader saying that we were going to be singing the Glee version of "Lean on Me" during the worship service that week. At first, I was unsure of how this song would be received as a part of the worship service, since it isn't typically seen as a Christian song, but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome! The band had so much fun, and it translated to the audience as well! It was such a blessing to lead worship and praise the Lord while also getting to wail on some bluesy notes!

Check out the video from the service! The lyrics are on screen, so don't hold back from singing along! :)

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